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Collagen powder for your skin: what makes it so effective?

In tablet, capsule, liquid… It seems that collagen-based food supplements now offer a tremendous variety.

But how to choose among all these formats? Is there one form more effective than another? The MyPureSkin team helps you understand why collagen powder is a perfect solution.

From tablets to diluting powder: what are the differences?

From capsule to powder, including tablets, the same collagen will have more or less the same effectiveness. However, it remains essential to put it in shape in order to guarantee a certain comfort of consumption.

Characterized by a certain viscosity (whose sensation to the touch is close to that of gelatin which is obtained precisely from collagen), collagen is in fact difficult to preserve in its natural state.

This is the reason why players in the nutricosmetic industry tend to transform it to allow it to retain its properties for longer. However, your selection criteria should not stop there and there are indeed reasons to prefer certain forms of collagen.

Collagen in capsules: a very practical choice

Very pragmatic, certain nutricosmetic brands choose very inexpensive capsules, which can be purchased in large batches and allow the quantity of collagen to be very precisely dosed: these are capsules.

Generally obtained from gelatin and glycerin, the capsule is unfortunately not always free from problems directly linked to its design. Indeed, by choosing to add a “foreign” element at the end of their production chain, these nutricosmetic brands take the risk of not perfectly mastering their formula.

This risk crystallizes in cases of contaminated capsules but also in examples of formula choices where the effectiveness of its ingredients decreases due to reactions occurring with the components of the capsule. Some of these excipients, such as magnesium stearate, can have an impact on the health of its consumers.

It is in fact through studies such as that published by researcher PW Tebbey in 1990 ¹ that we discovered, for example, the harmful effect of stearic acid (into which magnesium stearate tends to transform once times ingested). As it spreads throughout the body, stearic acid weakens T lymphocytes, which are partly responsible for your immunity. In other words, the consumption of certain food supplements whose formula has been poorly thought out can have a negative effect on certain aspects of the immune system.

Liquid collagen: difficult conservation

Collagen in solution (collagen to drink directly) unfortunately does not benefit from the same advantages as capsules.

Sensitive in fact to variations in temperature, a bottle of collagen to drink cannot be kept for very long unless additives are added, the repeated consumption of which over the long term could, again, pose a problem in certain cases.

Collagen powder without additives: a premium quality solution

Other nutricosmetic brands, such as MyPureSkin, choose to be uncompromising on the quality of each of the ingredients in their formula.

Preferring a slightly more expensive value chain, these serious players in the industry thus maintain absolute control over the quality of the food supplement you consume. Not only allowing it to maintain its nutritional qualities by guaranteeing the integrity of the formula, this choice is also a guarantee of great flexibility.

In fact, your collagen needs vary from 20 to 70 years and it can be difficult to find a product that meets your needs as well for simple quantity problems.

Furthermore, the format of the nutricosmetic based on marine collagen powder will have a particularly significant impact on its storage conditions.

In this regard, individual “doses” in the form of “sticks” offer the advantage of better preservation since only the powder from the stick consumed will be exposed to light and air, unlike pots whose use with a spoon increases the risk of contamination and loss of quality of the powder they contain.

MyCollagenLift: the effectiveness of a natural collagen powder

Proud to be among the nutricosmetic brands that strive to preserve the health of their consumers, MyPureSkin works daily to support your aging process through a premium quality food supplement: MyCollagenLift.

Featuring a formula composed of ingredients of 100% natural origin, without additives, MyCollagenLift expands your range of products aimed at helping you take care of your skin over the years, whether you are 25, 45 or 65 years.

The secret to the effectiveness of MyCollagenLift? A unique synergy, designed from a detailed understanding of the biological mechanisms linked to aging offered by quality ingredients including:

  • Marine collagen peptides whose molecular weight allows them to be very bioavailable (i.e. easier to assimilate by your body);
  • Hyaluronic acid to help you achieve a good level of hydration;
  • Wheat oil ceramides to complete this hydration maintenance effort for your skin;
  • Vitamin C from acerola fruit helping to protect your cells from oxidative stress;
  • Vitamin E also acting as an antioxidant;
  • Organic silicon used to structure your skin while helping to maintain your defenses against the harmful effect of free electrons.

To benefit from the benefits of MyCollagenLift, why not start an initial 3-month treatment? In just 4 weeks, your first results will be visible!

  1. Study by PW Tebbey on the immunosuppressive effects of stearic acid: