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Marine collagen: why do consumers prefer it?

Increasingly popular, marine collagen seems to have become an obvious choice for many consumers.

However, it was not always this way. Long before it was used by the most effective nutricosmetic brands, marine collagen was put aside in favor of bovine and porcine collagens.

Why this change in consumption habits? How can we explain that marine collagen is about to become the standard? What characteristics make this active ingredient a quality standard?

The MyPureSkin team lifts the veil for you on the flagship molecule of the most effective food supplements to support your aging process.

Collagens in the nutricosmetic industry

Bovine, porcine, marine: these are the collagens that the cosmetics and nutricosmetics industries have used since their beginnings.

The most important reasons to explain this choice are:

  • Cultural: the consumption of beef and pork in Western countries (particularly in Europe) is significantly greater than the consumption of fish;
  • Economic: this means that bovine and porcine collagens obtained from carcasses not used by the food industry have long been less expensive.

To the argument of the cultural aspect of consumption is added that of already industrialized practices. Indeed, gelatin, a key ingredient in many food preparations, is produced from denatured collagen.

The extraction of collagen from bovine and porcine carcasses and its packaging are therefore well-known and controlled processes.

However, several factors have led consumers in recent years to give preference to another form of collagen.

Health problems

It is health crises such as the so-called “mad cow” crisis that have begun to sow doubt in people’s minds: is bovine collagen safe?

In general, the proximity that farm animals maintain with humans has opened the way to concerns among some regarding the possibility of pathogens “crossing the interspecies barrier”.

If food poisoning and the passage of a disease from pork or beef to humans remain in reality unlikely, the scarcity of arable land and the increase in the cost of raw materials have raised a much more realistic point: the economic and environmental cost of the meat industry.

New trends

Combined with the economic difficulties implied by “abundant meat for all”, new consumer trends have been emerging for several decades.

Seeking an alternative to historical sources of collagen less tainted by the risks of animal cruelty, vegans have, for example, been one of the driving forces behind the growth of innovative forms of collagen.

Some, like the poorly named “vegan collagen” (which we explain why it is not necessarily the best choice in a dedicated article ), cannot fully meet the specifications of most consumers.

Marine collagen: perfectly suited properties

It is in this context that a form of collagen known for a long time has flourished by meeting consumer expectations: marine collagen.

Very close to the structure of human collagen (which makes the amino acids which compose it very relevant to nourish the production process of your collagen), marine collagen has the advantage of not posing the ethical problems for which the scandals of the meat industry are now known.

Perfectly suitable for packaging to form part of the formulas of food supplements seeking to best support your aging process, marine collagen is extracted from the skin, bones and scales of fish from farming and fishing.

Bovine, porcine, marine: what are the fundamental differences?

In a study published in 2021 by the team of researcher Hsiuying Wang ¹ , we discovered that the physical characteristics of marine, bovine and porcine collagens vary not only in terms of amino acid sequences but also and above all in terms of thermal stability.

Indeed, if the preservation of the integrity of bovine and porcine collagen is better in the face of temperature variations, this actually makes them less bioavailable.

Marine collagen actually resists heat less well than collagens from mammals (which must withstand the conditions prevailing in the bodies of warm-blooded animals such as pigs and cattle).

In addition, marine collagen has less resistance to mechanical stress. In other words: it degrades more quickly once consumed due to intestinal movements.

This has the tremendous advantage of making marine collagen easier to process by the digestive system, thus limiting the loss of amino acids: it is therefore favored by the most effective nutricosmetic products.

MyCollagenLift: a formula that highlights quality marine collagen

“Product of exceptional quality to fight against oxidative stress”: the evaluation of MyCollagenLift, carried out by the IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants), devotes the efforts of MyPureSkin in the area of ​​supporting your body's effort to prevention of skin aging factors.

Although the nutricosmetic composed by our team is effective upstream of the aging process, it is also ideal downstream, thanks to an exclusive formula, designed to support you as you age.

Indeed, MyCollagenLift is a supplement whose active ingredients work in synergy to allow you to:

  • Nourish your cells;
  • Hydrate your body deeply;
  • Support your collagen production.

To understand consumers' enthusiasm for MyCollagenLift, you need to look at the list of ingredients whose 100% natural origin is a guarantee of respect for your health. MyCollagenLift is simply:

  • Very organic marine collagen bio peptides available;
  • Hyaluronic acid to help you achieve a good level of hydration;
  • Wheat oil ceramides to complete this hydration maintenance effort for your skin;
  • Vitamin C from acerola fruit helping to protect your cells from oxidative stress;
  • Vitamin E also acting as an antioxidant;
  • Organic silicon used to structure your skin while increasing your defenses against the harmful effect of free electrons.

If you too are looking for a form of collagen consistent with your values ​​and if you want to take care of your skin, you will be delighted with your first course of MyCollagenLift. In just 4 weeks, your first results will appear with a reduction in your fine lines and wrinkles. Reduction in joint pain, improvement in vitality and the digestion process are also among the effects noted by many of our customers. Ready to try the MyPureSkin adventure? Order now.

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