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SOD against oxidative stress and sunburn?

More than a one-off problem, oxidative stress is a phenomenon that concerns us all. It is because prolonged exposure to UV rays necessarily happens at least from time to time that we need hats, sun creams... SOD!
Little known to the general public, SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) is a natural active ingredient found in certain anti-aging nutricosmetics at the forefront of the fight against aging such as MyCollagenLift.
Why use SOD? From what quantity of SOD can we expect benefits? Today, our team explains one of the secrets to the effectiveness of the MyCollagenLift formula!

Antioxidants: when nutricosmetics innovates

Antioxidants are among the flagship molecules of the anti-aging industry. Capable of neutralizing free radicals, they reduce the risk of the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines or even episodes of skin dryness by reducing oxidative stress.
If the human body naturally produces antioxidant molecules to fight against these factors of premature aging, our contemporary lifestyles make them insufficient.
With the improvement in the standard of living over the last few centuries and the possibility of enjoying the sun during vacations, we happily sunbathe, with or without adequate protection.
Combined with a more unbalanced food, less rich in polyphenols and other antioxidants, our body tends to find itself “overwhelmed” by this avalanche of free radicals.

Oxidative stress on the skin: direct and indirect consequences

Beyond the now well-known risks of developing skin cancers, prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays triggers a cascade of biochemical reactions leading to the creation of free radicals in the body.
This indirect effect has the effect of causing the skin to malfunction, by disrupting the metabolism of different cells. This leads, among other things, to:

  • A rarefaction of the quantity of collagen in the ExtraCellular Matrix;
  • Less good distribution of hyaluronic acid in the dermis, in addition to depletion;
  • An alteration in the life cycle of certain particularly important cellular organelles such as the mitochondria, responsible for cellular respiration.

Food is one of your body's key sources of natural antioxidants, used to support its fight against aging. It is as an extension of this perspective that nutricosmetics has undergone its revolution: an innovation consisting of optimizing your diet to provide beauty benefits to your skin.

From classic antioxidants to SOD: between scientific research and high-level engineering

Aware of the latest advances in scientific research, the flagship of the anti-aging nutricosmetic industry represented by brands such as MyPureSkin is constantly developing new formulas taking advantage of the sometimes exceptional properties of certain ingredients.
SOD is one of the most recent examples of this very effective approach.
Capitalizing on active ingredients with long-understood antioxidant power (like vitamin C for example), certain nutricosmetics use SOD to complete the body's anti-free radical umbrella.
It is through studies such as that published in 2018 by researcher H. Younus that we can understand the therapeutic potential of SOD and its applications in anti-aging cosmeceuticals.
However, SOD seems to go much further than providing a simple one-off response to insufficient protection against oxidative stress.

SOD, an ingredient that makes all the difference: when a clinical trial reshuffles the cards

Indeed, the anti-aging industry is on the cusp of upheavals in terms of effectiveness and especially in terms of the evidence to guarantee it.
To understand this, we must look at studies such as the one also published in 2018 by Laure Egoumenides and her team (2).
Based on a clinical trial exploring the effects of SOD on the human body's defenses against free radicals, this study teaches us, among other things, that SOD-based supplementation can lead to an increase in the natural production of antioxidants by the body. body.

Neutralization of free radicals but also... Protection against sunburn?

Even more surprising: we learn that taking sufficient SOD on a regular basis can reduce up to 72% of the damage caused to your cells during exposure to UVB, the harmful rays of the sun.
This drastic improvement in photo-protection is in itself a major change in the role of nutricosmetics, bringing food supplements a little closer to the famous maxim attributed to Hippocrates: “Let your food be your first medicine”.
In the context of anti-aging medicine, these results make it possible to validate an approach already adopted by nutricosmetics such as MyCollagenLift.
In addition, the conclusions of this study are accompanied by very precise values ​​making it possible to determine to what extent this production becomes significant (important enough to have an impact on the protection of the body against oxidative stress).

20 mg per day: the threshold to reach to really benefit from SOD

Carried out over 4 weeks on 88 healthy men and women aged 18 to 50 with phototypes II and III, this trial yielded impressive results.
In fact, there is no less than 16% increase in the body's natural production of antioxidants after the first month alone.
The quantity from which such effects are accessible is clear: 20 mg per day.
This means that anti-aging food supplements with a synergistic formula, giving pride of place to various antioxidants and containing at least 20 mg per day of SOD can be qualified as “superior quality”.

MyCollagenLift: a proven anti-aging formula

This is particularly what led the IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants) to qualify MyCollagenLift in 2021 as a “product of exceptional quality to combat oxidative stress”.
This is, among other things, what also allowed this flagship food supplement from MyPureSkin to recently win beauty victories.
With its 20 mg of SOD per stick, MyCollagenLift is an anti-aging nutricosmetic whose 100% natural active ingredients have been carefully selected to optimize the beauty benefits for your skin.
More precisely, MyCollagenLift is:

  • Marine collagen peptides, more bioavailable than non-hydrolyzed collagen to provide maximum benefit to your skin;
  • Hyaluronic acid to intensely and deeply hydrate your body thanks to its ability to capture nearly 1000 times its weight in water;
  • Ceramides extracted from wheat to optimize your level and duration of hydration thanks to its protective properties against insensitive water loss;
  • Organic silicon, a skin restructuring agent contributing to maintaining the structural integrity of your body (as opposed to the destructuring caused by the loss of genetic information caused by aging).
  • Vitamin C extracted from acerola fruit and vitamin E, both well known for their antioxidant properties;
  • Polyphenols (OPC) from grapes, also trapping free electrons;
  • Zinc, an antioxidant that activates the protection offered by SOD;
  • SOD (SuperOxide Dismustase), extracted from melon, an enzyme associated with the antioxidants above to contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative stress and stimulating your own natural production of antioxidants.

With such advantages, MyCollagenLift satisfies more and more consumers... why not you?

Start your first 3-month treatment to enjoy visible results on your skin in just 4 weeks.

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