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Beta-carotenes: effects of antioxidants against sun damage

Wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin, hyperpigmentation... the price to pay for unprotected, prolonged and regular exposure to the sun's UV rays can be summed up in 5 words: premature aging of your skin.
Fortunately, some antioxidants such as beta-carotenes have the wonderful benefit of helping to protect you from free radicals. Better yet: they would work in collaboration with other active ingredients such as vitamins C and E to offer protection against free radicals upstream and firming of your collagen downstream.
How to make your skin smile again and keep it there with a food supplement based on beta-carotene? Why choose a synergistic cocktail of vitamins? The MyPureSkin team tells you everything!

Beta-carotenes: what effects to expect and how to enhance them?

In a study published in 2011 by the team of researcher Maxim E. Darvin (1), we find the key functions of beta-carotenes with regard to the skin:

  • An informational aspect – beta-carotenes act as a marker for the body, allowing its level of oxidation to be determined;
  • A protective aspect – beta-carotenes act as an “umbrella” against free radicals thanks to their ability to neutralize them.

An antioxidant above all

Both of these aspects rely on the antioxidant properties of beta-carotenes. A precursor to vitamin A, it is ultimately a “photosynthetic pigment” which integrates into your cells to allow them to absorb light in a range of precise wavelengths: 400 to 500 nm (nanometers). ), responsible for the blue color.
Capable of neutralizing free radicals appearing in your body under the influence of the sun, beta-carotenes are a natural protection against the damage of UV rays.
Naturally present in certain ingredients, beta-carotenes can however be difficult to assemble in sufficient concentration in the body in our contemporary living environments.

Nutrition as the royal road

To overcome this, several products exist and not all are equal.
Although many creams and other topical applications distribute beta-carotenes locally, dietary supplementation has the advantage of distributing these molecules throughout your body, and therefore throughout your skin.
To reach your epidermis, the journey of beta-carotenes begins in your digestive system where they combine with certain cholesterol transporters to pass the membrane of your intestines and enter your bloodstream, as shown in a study published in recent years ( 2019) by Anamaria Balic and colleagues (2).
It is this same study which recalls the damage caused by UV rays from the sun on the skin, among other things:

  • Weakening of the immune function of the skin;
  • Increased probability of occurrence of skin cancer;
  • Abnormal decrease in natural concentrations of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin in the skin.

To limit these problems, limiting your exposure to the sun for reasonable periods of time is obvious.

However, a dietary supplement based on beta-carotenes is a complementary approach which will clearly help you in this direction and which will also offer your skin beauty benefits such as:

  • Fresher skin through support in the regulation of your sebum production (reduction of the risks and extent of your acne episodes);
  • Better hydrated skin, with better homogenization of the texture of your skin (by stimulating your hyaluronic acid production);
  • Firmer skin (by stimulating your collagen production).

However, to guarantee you benefit from such effects, the choice of your food supplement must be based on a plural composition.

Particularly effective active ingredients

As shown in the study published in 2010 by Soyun Cho's team (3), not all active ingredients are equal when we aim for efficiency in results.
This also applies to beta-carotenes since it is discovered that low molecular mass beta-carotenes have better bioavailability than their heavier counterparts.
In short: the beta-carotenes in certain food supplements have the ability to stimulate your collagen production and therefore make your skin firmer.
With this in mind, synergies are your best chance for optimal protection against oxidative stress.
To prevent dryness and sagging skin, the ideal is still to use a cocktail combining beta-carotenes with hyaluronic acid, as shown by the results of a study co-authored in 2021 by Anca Maria Junca and his collaborators (4).
We discover in particular that the most effective synergies to prevent the appearance of skin aging are based on the following ingredients:

  • Beta-carotenes;
  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin B complexes.

What this study highlights is above all the ability of hyaluronic acid to build bridges between beta-carotenes and other active ingredients with recognized anti-aging effects to allow them to work together.

MyCollagenGlow: beta-carotenes and anti-aging active ingredients shine again

It is as an extension of this vision that MyPureSkin developed MyCollagenGlow, an anti-aging food supplement whose unique formula provides indisputable beauty benefits.
Skin firming, rehydration of your skin and homogenization of your complexion are just some of the effects accessible in just 4 weeks.
These results are made possible by synergies of ingredients of 100% natural origin, working upstream and downstream of premature aging factors, in particular:

  • Marine collagen peptides replacing your lost collagen in the short term and stimulating your production in the long term;
  • GOS (Galacto-OlligoSaccharides) whose action on your intestinal microbiota improves the use of the nutrients you ingest (in addition to a direct physiological effect on improving the appearance of your skin);
  • Hyaluronic acid, a guarantee of intense hydration (thanks to its capacity to carry nearly 1000 times its mass in water);
  • Vitamin C extracted from acerola fruit, with well-known antioxidant power;
  • Vitamin E, working with vitamin C to protect your cells from oxidative stress;
  • Zinc to enhance this combination;
  • Beta-carotenes to complete your anti-free radical shield;
  • A complex of vitamins B5, B6 and B12 extending the beauty benefits of MyCollagenGlow to your scalp and nails;
  • Biotin (vitamin B8), the icing on this anti-aging cake thanks to its notorious effects of prevention against premature aging.

Ready to take the MyCollagenGlow turn to enjoy the sun in complete peace of mind?
By starting your first 3-month treatment, your progressive results will appear from the first weeks, so get ready for summer now!

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