Complément à base d'acide hyaluronique et mésothérapie : pourquoi ce mariage est-il parfait ? - MyPureSkin

Hyaluronic acid supplement and mesotherapy: why is this marriage perfect?

Making more and more people happy among those who seek to fight against the marks of time, anti-aging food supplements are about to enter the beauty routines of many people.

However, if the usual allies that are creams lose none of their splendor, certain practices are starting to attract attention thanks to the formidable joint results that emerge from them. This is particularly the case for mesotherapy.

Well known to beauticians, mesotherapy is a technique consisting of injecting active ingredients in small quantities into the most superficial layer of the skin: the epidermis. This approach has shown unprecedentedly effective results over the last few decades in erasing the most common signs of skin aging.
Wrinkles, fine lines but also loss of firmness or even loss of suppleness and radiance: the beauty benefits of mesotherapy are numerous.

But then, how exactly can we combine the benefits of an anti-aging food supplement with those of mesotherapy?
And what type of food supplement should you use?
Discover 3 reasons why you will never regret taking advantage of a few mesotherapy sessions to complete the effectiveness of your favorite anti-aging nutricosmetic!

Reason #1: Collagen stimulation and hydrating support

Collagen is an essential protein for skin firmness and elasticity. Unfortunately, its production decreases with age, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and loss of skin firmness.
By combining mesotherapy with a food supplement based on hyaluronic acid, it becomes possible to stimulate your endogenous (natural) collagen production while supporting the cohesion of your skin.
In other words, your skin becomes:

  • Firmer;
  • More elastic;
  • Better hydrated.

Furthermore, given that your production of hyaluronic acid also decreases over time, a one-off supply of hyaluronic acid will not only result in an increase in your collagen production.

As soon as you start your treatment before your mesotherapy sessions, you optimize your results. This is all the more true when your food supplement also contains collagen, whose synergy with hyaluronic acid offers beauty benefits in greater depth and over a longer term.

Reason No. 2: maximum absorption of nutrients on the surface and in depth

These notions of “in-depth” and “long-term” nutrition are precisely among the main advantages of nutricosmetics.
Conversely, the use of topical solutions such as creams or lotions only have a very localized effect. While this approach has its advantages, it unfortunately does not address the problems of depth and nutrition of the skin in the long term.
In this sense, the use of a food supplement remains the most valuable solution.
Furthermore, even when it comes to targeting a specific area of ​​your skin, creams can struggle to penetrate your epidermis, compared to mesotherapy.
Capable of injecting the active ingredients directly under the epidermis, up to 0.5 mm deep, the mesotherapist offers you the guarantee of much more visible beauty benefits.
This is why your best chances of results lie in the combination of mesotherapy sessions and a course of anti-aging food supplements before, during and after.

By nourishing the skin from the inside, activating its regeneration mechanisms by injection and providing it with active ingredients that can be used directly in situ, this approach remains the most effective today.

Reason No. 3: immediate results but also progressive in the long term

The “long term” is also one of the key arguments of this combination since the active ingredients traveling from your digestive system to the cells of your skin help to restore and maintain its integrity in the face of damage over time.
At the same time, the results of mesotherapy are visible from the first sessions. This combination therefore allows you to quickly benefit from its effects and see them maintained over time thanks to the general nutrition offered by your nutricosmetic.
If your first session will show your skin in a new light, you will have to wait the first 4 weeks of treatment on average to see the results of your food supplement, which is explained by the gradual disappearance of the injected hyaluronic acid. in session and its replacement at the same time with that produced by your body under targeted anti-aging nutrition.
Finally, if this approach is adapted to everyone, we can each express specific needs, resulting in a cocktail of active ingredients combining substances that can vary to accompany hyaluronic acid.

MyPureSkin: a complete range to cover your nutricosmetic needs

It is by keeping in mind the multitude of needs that may be yours that the collaborators of the MyPureSkin laboratories have developed a range of food supplements to support you in all circumstances in your fight against aging.
Whether you are looking to improve your vitality, the hydration level of your skin or its general appearance by restoring firmness and elasticity, MyPureSkin nutricosmetics are all based on a basic cocktail that will appeal to mesotherapy enthusiasts:

  • Marine collagen peptides with exceptional bioavailability;
  • High quality hyaluronic acids, capable of carrying nearly 1000 times their weight in water;
  • Packs of primary and secondary antioxidants allowing you to protect your skin from damage caused by oxidative stress.

Want to discover the details of our range to select the food supplement that will accompany you in your next mesotherapy sessions? Stop by our shop !