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3 aging problems that silymarin addresses

Far from the fatalism of previous generations, we are fortunate to benefit from an understanding of the mechanisms of aging that is growing day by day.
It is with this knowledge and a good understanding of the principles of nutrition that laboratories such as MyPureSkin have been able to produce anti-aging food supplements of such quality that they have recently earned it prime.
However, far from authority bias, our colleagues are committed to helping you better understand your own needs, in order to preserve your longevity and quality of life over the years.
This is why we do not hesitate to help you better understand what makes an excellent anti-aging nutricosmetic.
Discover with us 3 reasons why silymarin is an active anti-aging ingredient that is difficult to ignore today and which explain why MyCollagenRepair contains it.

Problem 1: Your skin's antioxidant protections may be insufficient

One of the key properties of silymarin lies in its ability to neutralize free radicals.

Natural defenses and insurmountable oxidative stress

A source of cellular disturbances because of their impact on the integrity of your genetic heritage (your DNA code contained in the nucleus of each of your cells), free radicals tend to accumulate in your body.
If your body's natural neutralization mechanisms are capable of working effectively in nature, the rapid transformations of our industrial societies have made them insufficient.
Indeed, evolution being a process spanning hundreds of thousands of years, your body has not had time to adjust its mechanisms for fighting excess free radicals in dishes that are too rich (in fats and sugars) or even in air pollution.
Lack of sleep, UV rays and psychological stress are also natural factors which only increase the population of free radicals in your body.
When this number becomes too high, we speak of “oxidative stress” and it is because your body is incapable of processing it on its own that it needs support to avoid the appearance of undesirable consequences, among which we mainly note the appearance of certain cancers and the triggering of premature aging.

Sleep better, eat better, relax... do we really need support?

If an improvement in lifestyle is therefore an ideal first step, it can unfortunately turn out to be insufficient very often.

Whether it is air quality or genetic predispositions, it is clear that many factors come into play to limit the risks of premature aging.
Wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation problems… the well-known list of the most common signs of senescence are the reason for anti-aging nutricosmetics.
It is precisely because the beauty of your skin is closely linked to its health that support is indeed useful... even necessary.

Aging and deterioration of antioxidant mechanisms

Furthermore, the mechanisms naturally at work in your skin to fight against oxidative stress lose their effectiveness over time.
In this regard, silymarin can help you combat damage at the cellular level leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
It is thanks to research such as that carried out by Jitka Vostálová's team and which was the subject of a publication in 2019 (1) that we now know that there are links between skin oxidative defenses and silymarin.
As effective as complexes based on vitamin E and C or even more, silymarin does not only have the liver-protecting properties that we have known about for a long time.

Problem 2: Your immune system sometimes upsets your skin a little too much

In an older study (published in 2011) initiated by a team led by Gholamreza Karimi (2), we were already beginning to glimpse the broad spectrum of application of silymarin which ultimately revealed itself as being useful in the prevention of various diseases affecting, among other things:

  • Liver;
  • The pancreas;
  • Prostate;
  • Lungs;

One of the common points in the respective action of silymarin on each of these organs is precisely what makes it ideal support for the regeneration mechanisms of your skin: an anti-inflammatory effect.

Skin aging and the immune system: a complicated equation

In fact, the older you get, the more your immune system tends to become dysfunctional, to the point that certain autoimmune skin diseases, such as dermatitis, appear.
To limit the inflammatory reaction that accompanies them but also to prevent it, silymarin proves to be a valuable ally.
This anti-inflammatory effect of silymarin is linked to one of its unusual properties: immunomodulation.

Synergies: these properties of silymarin that nutricosmetics exploit

It is in this context and with the effects obtained by the combination of silymarin with certain other active ingredients that award-winning players in nutricosmetics such as MyPureSkin have been able to compose uniquely effective formulas with a broad spectrum of action.
As disorders of the immune system can alter the integrity of the skin and therefore its appearance, supporting the key elements of its structure is a valid approach when we wish to limit the signs of aging.
In this regard, certain leads tend to show that the silymarin present would be capable of stimulating the production of collagen by fibroblast cells, which would result in the short term in greater firmness, attenuating and preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Problem 3: Your vitality inexorably decreases on its own over time

However, silymarin's potential does not stop there. Not content with contributing to your liver and skin health, silymarin also has a say in maintaining one of the key elements of your youth: your vitality.

Aging and loss of vitality

One of the most felt consequences of the aging process is a more or less significant and progressive decline in the level of vitality.
As explained in a very recent article exploring the cellular mechanisms behind your vitality, mitochondria (cellular organelles present in most of your cells) are your “energy production factories”.
Impacted by oxidative stress and glycation reactions (which we explore in this other article ), they decrease in effectiveness over time, taking with them your ability to be “full of energy”.

Silymarin to the rescue of your mitochondria

Oxidative stress attacks your body inside and outside your cells and, ultimately, reduces the efficiency of the work of your mitochondria. By providing your body with antioxidant support that provides some relief, you prolong your vitality.
This is the whole point of consuming silymarin, whose broad health benefits continue to be revealed in study after study.

Support for your liver

Furthermore, if silymarin is also often used in the treatment of liver diseases, it is because it strongly contributes to preserving its proper functioning. The liver itself being a central organ in filtering the toxins present in your blood, a liver in good condition is an essential condition for maintaining good longevity.

MyCollagenRepair: when silymarin and marine collagen sing youth in unison

Thanks to an approach that combines short-term benefits and respect for your health in the long term, MyPureSkin collaborators have developed a unique anti-aging formula, an extension of what has made the success of MyCollagenLift (a highly awarded flagship product). recently).
Indeed, MyCollagenRepair offers you a combination of active ingredients working in synergy with each other and highlighting, among other things, silymarin to prevent and reduce the sources of skin aging on a daily basis.
As such, MyCollagenRepair is built around ingredients of 100% natural origin:

  • Marine collagen peptides, the consumption of which is a guarantee of stimulation of your endogenous collagen synthesis;
  • Hyaluronic acid, the presence of which supports skin hydration while helping to stimulate your own collagen production;
  • Silymarin (extracted from milk thistle) whose upstream protection of collagen molecules against the phenomenon of glycation broadens the protective umbrella of your skin;
  • Rosmarinic acid, which protects your skin's collagen molecules downstream from degradation caused by glycation reactions;
  • Vitamins with very high antioxidant power, E and C (extracted from acerola fruit);
  • SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase) whose antioxidant properties complete the effectiveness of neutralizing free radicals offered by vitamins;
  • Ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), whose properties are a shield against the degradation to which your sources of vitality (the mitochondria) are exposed.
  • Bioperine (patented extract of piperine, the active agent of black pepper) whose presence improves the bioavailability (and therefore your absorption capacity) of ubiquinone;

Acting upstream and downstream of external aggressions that can accelerate your aging process, MyCollagenRepair is an anti-aging food supplement that will help keep your skin young.

Want quickly visible results? Why not start your first course of MyCollagenRepair today?

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