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Collagen: an anti-aging active ingredient that works better as a team

Ultra popular, collagen is one of the flagship ingredients used by the early anti-aging industry.
Still essential today, it ranks alongside active ingredients often used, like biotin, in the formulas of many food supplements aimed at combating aging.
However, what many consumers do not know is that these active ingredients alone are not enough to obtain significant results visible to the naked eye quickly.
Rather than using a single ingredient, it is above all the use of a synergy of active ingredients working hand in hand which makes it possible to compose a truly effective food supplement.
For what ? Which synergies to choose? Find out how the presence of collagen is not enough to make a good anti-aging food supplement and above all… How to make the right choice!

Collagen, its strengths and weaknesses in your fight against aging

To understand the reasons for choosing an integrated formula rather than a supplement based on collagen alone, you must first understand its effects and their limits.

Collagen, a natural active ingredient with wonderful properties

An abundant macromolecule in the human body among the youngest, the collagen protein sees its production slow down from the age of 25, when the aging process begins.
This “youth molecule” is part of a trio naturally present in your body and giving your skin its qualities. In fact, this team divides its roles mainly as follows:

  • Collagen which maintains the firmness of your skin;
  • Elastin to make it elastic;
  • Hyaluronic acid to hydrate it.

Synthesized within fibroblasts, collagen nourishes the ECM (ExtraCellular Matrix) in which the other cells of your skin are bathed.

It is the presence of collagen which gives (among other things) its firmness to the ECM and, ultimately, to your dermis and epidermis.

The direct consequence of slowing down your collagen production is therefore the loss of skin firmness... until anti-aging nutricosmetics intervene.

Collagen in anti-aging food supplements

By consuming a food supplement based on collagen, you provide your digestive system with a molecule whose constituents (amino acids) are necessarily the basic building blocks used for your own production of collagen.
It is in this sense that it is often said that taking a supplement “stimulates” the production of endogenous collagen.
However, two key elements make this maxim true:

  • Collagen should not suffer too much “loss” as it breaks down into smaller units (collagen peptides) in the digestive system;
  • The collagen must present itself to the intestinal wall in a form small enough to pass through it and enter the blood system through the capillaries which run along its surface. This means that its molecular mass must be low enough, in other words its volume must be small enough, to leave the digestive system.

Not all dietary supplements are equal in this regard.

Whether it is extracted from pig or bovine carcasses or whether it is a by-product of fish farming and fishing, collagen is, in its raw state, only poorly suited to use by your body.

Some brands, like MyPureSkin, choose to rework this collagen to obtain a low molecular mass version.

The choice of whether or not to reduce the volume of the collagen molecule is one of the criteria explaining why certain nutricosmetics are more effective than others.

But to understand how collagen works best when combined with third-party active ingredients, we need to broaden our understanding.

The first step is to note that this criterion of effectiveness linked to molecular mass is part of a broader concept allowing you to evaluate the extent to which a specific collagen can be exploited by your body. This notion has an explicit name: “bioavailability”.

Bioavailability and synergistic effects of collagen: these game-changing active ingredients

High bioavailability is one of the essential characteristics for choosing a truly effective anti-aging collagen-based dietary supplement.
Improving bioavailability therefore involves reducing the volume of the collagen molecule but also through the use of third-party active ingredients which act on your absorption capacity.

Active ingredients that improve the bioavailability of collagen

It is through studies and meta-analyses such as the research published in 2018 (1) by Mengmeng Feng (recalling that of Chalasani et Al. in 2007) that it is possible to understand the effectiveness of nutricosmetics of certain premium brands such as MyPureSkin.
We discover that certain active ingredients are capable of improving the bioavailability of the collagen that you consume.
We now know that these include vitamins, notably B12 and C.
In addition to contributing to the stimulation of your own collagen production, the latter helps to offer that already present in your body protection against free radicals thanks to its formidable antioxidant properties.

Synergies: greater beauty benefits

The very fact that vitamin C helps neutralize more free radicals in your body makes it an ideal candidate for an anti-aging formula, but its interactions with collagen make it even more interesting.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts”: this is a phrase that well sums up the philosophy of the formulas signed MyPureSkin, reflecting this search for extension and optimization of beauty benefits.
Indeed, the combination of vitamins C and B12 with collagen peptides allows you to benefit from synergistic effects which have a direct impact on the health of your skin.

In the same way, active ingredients work perfectly together and/or with collagen such as hyaluronic acid, SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) or even ceramides.

Among the most notable effects of the use of these active ingredients, as shown in publications such as that of Maryam Borumand and Sara Sibilla in the Journal of Medical Nutrition & Nutraceuticals in 2015 (2), we note among others:

  • A noticeable reduction in wrinkle depth;
  • A significant improvement in the level of skin hydration;
  • Increased epidermal and dermal elasticity.

Anti-aging nutricosmetics from MyPureSkin: unique synergies

It is quite naturally in line with the most recent discoveries in anti-aging medicine that MyPureSkin has developed its flagship products: MyCollagenLift, MyCollagenRepair and MyCollagenGlow.
Capitalizing on low molecular weight marine collagen peptides, the formulas of these three premium nutricosmetics take advantage of the intrinsic properties of powerful antioxidants (such as vitamins C, E and vitamin B complexes) but also those of oligo- elements with complementary characteristics (like zinc, Super Oxide Dismutase or even ceramides).
Nourish and protect the skin from oxidative stress, deeply hydrate it, support it and preserve its production processes (collagen and hyaluronic acid)... The benefits of anti-aging food supplements from MyPureSkin are numerous.
It is this search for efficiency and the preservation of your skin health over the long term which makes MyPureSkin a key player in the anti-aging industry, hailed by the Victoires de la Beauté won recently but also and above all by feedback from satisfied customers.
Want to take your anti-aging routine to the next level? Need real results? Choose the anti-aging product that suits you and start a 3-month treatment for effects visible to the naked eye from 4 weeks!

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