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Guarana, green tea and turmeric: an unexpected anti-cellulite trio

Guarana, green tea and turmeric: an unexpected anti-cellulite trio

Anti-aging medicine has accumulated astonishing discoveries in recent decades, giving premium anti-aging brands such as MyPureSkin the means to support you in your aging process.

But where the well-known "cocktails" based on collagen and hyaluronic acid offer clearly perceptible results, a new medicine to support aging is emerging, mobilizing ingredients just as natural as those of current premium nutricosmetics but with a still unexplored way.

Potential new stars of tomorrow's food supplements, guarana, green tea and turmeric are already used today but it seems that combined, they can stand out with unsuspected anti-aging properties, particularly with regard to their effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of cellulite.

From the molecular level to that of your cells, what would explain such beauty benefits?
Once again, the MyPureSkin team guides you in the footsteps of an anti-aging approach full of promise.

Between synergy and individual benefits: surprising active ingredients

To understand the anti-cellulite benefits of a combination of guarana, green tea and turmeric, you must look at the effects of each of these active ingredients but also keep in mind that "the whole is more than the sum of its parts ".

Natural beauty and health benefits

A heritage from herbalism, pharmaceuticals primarily take advantage of the effects of active ingredients extracted from Nature.
And even if certain synthetic molecules today offer alternatives of acceptable quality and low cost, nothing yet beats the beauty benefits of natural compounds in anti-aging medicine.

This assertion is particularly true in the case of the three anti-cellulite ingredients that interest us.

Guarana: Metabolic Stimulant and Antioxidant

Known for the energy boost it provides, guarana has demonstrated a wealth of surprising effects, as demonstrated by discoveries made over the last 10 years.

Among them, the melting of cellulite has opened up formidable avenues for premium nutricosmetics, as we understand from reading a study published in 2018 by researcher Silva Lima and her collaborators (1).

Focusing on the effects of guarana on the mitochondria, the scientist highlights the preventive properties of guarana with regard to the accumulation of adipocyte tissue.
In other words, guarana acts as a protective agent limiting the overpopulation of fat cells or in other words: it limits the appearance of fatty layers.

Green Tea: Polyphenols and Elimination of Toxins

Regarding green tea, it is through studies such as that of Sara A. Abosabaa and her colleagues, published in 2021 (2), that we discover complementary effects with respect to cellulite problems.

Rich in polyphenols (notably catechins), this ingredient promotes the elimination of toxins by supporting lymphatic drainage.
It is also known to have virtues in terms of improving endothelial function (making the connection with the capillaries providing nutrients and eliminating organic waste) and as a stimulator of blood microcirculation.

These two elements make it a key agent to combat the well-known “orange peel” appearance of cellulite.

But the most surprising thing is its ability to break down adipocytes very quickly, when combined with chitosan (from seafood).

Generally speaking, we understand that the active ingredients contained in green tea combine with other ingredients to effectively tackle cellulite problems.
This vision is confirmed by direct reading of previous studies such as that of Ying Zhang's team, published in 2012 (3).

Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory and Cell Protector

The most surprising thing about the phenomenon of the appearance of cellulite today lies in the gap between what we know about it and what we are discovering since the 2020s.
This is what the conclusions of a study published in 2023 by Allen Gabriel's team allow us to understand, which explores, by reviewing previous studies, certain promising avenues of explanation.

Indeed, the development of cellulite is mainly attributed to a slowdown in the production of elastin which (being replaced by endogenous collagen) is conspicuous by its absence, giving the skin its characteristic texture.

However, as Gabriel mentions, it is becoming more and more likely that cellulite is in reality a consequence of chronic skin inflammation of deep tissues (at the level of the dermis), directly linked, in turn, to the process of aging.
This hypothesis would be consistent with the results obtained by the use of anti-inflammatory solutions containing active ingredients such as curcumin (extracted from turmeric).

This explanation becomes more evident when reading studies focusing on skin problems in the broad sense and relating to pain medicine research.
This is particularly the case for the results published by Ngamaryu Ngamdokmai and his colleagues at the end of their 2018 study which explores the reduction of cellulite through the use of traditional Thai compresses (based on herbs) whose composition had been modified (5).

To understand this cascade of relationships, it is important to remember that turmeric, with its active component curcumin, offers significant anti-inflammatory effects.

At the molecular level, curcumin inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines (molecules linked to inflammatory reactions), thus helping to reduce tissue inflammation.
In addition, its antioxidant properties strengthen the skin's ability to regenerate and maintain its structural integrity, in the same way as green tea and guarana.

A unique synergy barely touched upon

Thus, the combination of guarana, green tea and turmeric would help fight cellulite upstream (through prevention) and downstream (through the reduction of adipose tissue).

This synergy would also promote better circulation, a reduction in skin problems linked to chronic "old age" inflammation and an increase in lipolysis, offering a holistic approach to the treatment of cellulite.

However, scientific research in this regard still needs to make considerable progress before offering pragmatic, actionable solutions validated by clinical trials.
It is in particular on the models of explanation of cellulite and its mechanisms of appearance that we should now focus our attention.

Draining cellulite naturally is already possible

But beyond a scientific approach aimed at exploring new ways to "melt" cellulite, a number of knowledge and know-how characterizing the excellence of the Swiss industry already offer more than satisfactory products.

MyPureSkin: a “well-being” approach that places Science and Nature at the heart of its formulas

This is what sets MyPureSkin apart: an expert and caring approach aimed at supporting you at every stage of your skin's life.

By mobilizing an intimate understanding of the cellular mechanisms at work beneath the surface, our collaborators demonstrate daily zeal and innovation to help you:

  • Preserve the youthfulness of your skin;
  • Prolong and improve as much as possible your daily well-being in the face of the senescence process;
  • Make you shine by taking care of your beauty “from the inside and out”.

To achieve this, our anti-aging food supplements unconditionally put Nature and Science at the heart of their formula.

MyBodySlim, our latest innovation to help you fight cellulite

Discover MyBodySlim, an innovative formulation that harmoniously combines powerful natural ingredients to reshape your silhouette and revitalize your body. Each component of MyBodySlim has been carefully selected for its unique properties, creating a perfect synergy that works in tandem to deliver impressive results.

With green tea extract and guarana, MyBodySlim activates fat metabolism, promoting increased combustion which helps reduce fat deposits and refine the silhouette. Green tea, rich in antioxidants, also provides cellular support, while guarana, a natural stimulant, gives you renewed energy to face your day.

Gotu-Kola, a true treasure of nature, stimulates blood circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite for smooth and toned legs. Meanwhile, turmeric, with its anti-inflammatory properties, works to soothe the body and support healthy, glowing skin.

The lipase enzyme plays a key role in breaking down fat, improving the effectiveness of MyBodySlim in your quest for a sculpted figure. And to top it all off, SOD B (Superoxide Dismutase) provides powerful antioxidant protection, shielding your body from oxidative stress and contributing to your overall well-being.

With MyBodySlim, benefit from a holistic approach to sculpt your body and strengthen your health. It's the promise of total well-being, where each ingredient plays a crucial role in achieving your health and beauty goals. Embrace the synergy of MyBodySlim and watch your body transform to reveal a perfectly sculpted silhouette and boundless vitality.

Results expected from 4 weeks: what are you waiting for to try the adventure?

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