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Maintain your daily vitality with an effective routine

age and vitality: why do we lose “energy” over time?

Very dependent on the mitochondria of our cells , our body draws its vitality from a perpetual biochemical balance which involves its ability to transform and use the energy contained in the foods it absorbs to cover, among other things:

  • The needs of our organs in terms of functioning;
  • Our body's needs in terms of protection (immune function);
  • The needs of our body in terms of reconstruction (maintenance function);
  • Our individual needs in terms of intellectual demands and cushioning of the mental and emotional load.

Each task, from the most objectively imperceptible (such as thought processes) to the most obvious (such as physical exercises), requires us to provide a costly effort in energy.

This energy capital, more or less difficult to manage depending on the individual, tends to decrease with age, which leads to a progressive but notable alteration in the quality of life.

This loss of vitality is often perceived as an inevitability for which no palliative is really effective.

In reality, it is possible, to a certain extent, to preserve one's energy reserves over time by providing the body with a well-thought-out daily routine that is followed in a reasonable manner.

Furthermore, research in this area seems to point in a very promising direction: a possible reversal of the senescence process.

Scientific breakthroughs: why aging and loss of vitality? How to cure it ?

Officially recognized since June 2018 as a disease by the World Health Organization, aging is revealing itself less and less as an inevitability and more and more as a medical condition that could be treated.

This is what we see when reading the item “MG2A” entitled “Decrease in intrinsic capacities linked to aging” of the ICD-11 (International Classification of Diseases).

However, it is important to distinguish that it is not the aging process as a principle that is called into question but the severe and progressive dysfunctions accompanying it that are.

Offering a real change of perspective in the perception of what “normal” (i.e. healthy) aging should be, certain key works offer a vision that goes in this direction.

It is precisely following some avant-garde research, such as that of Doctor Sinclair on the NMN molecule, capable of reversing aging to a certain extent¹ , that the WHO chose to reconsider the definition of senescence to present it as a medically treatable condition.

Thus, the loss of vitality linked to aging would only be a symptom that could be treated at the source.

The importance of regulating vitality is all the greater as it strongly influences the quality of life. Indeed, it is a person's level of energy, their ability to manage it and their propensity to mobilize it to carry out daily tasks that make it possible to create the conditions for a certain fulfillment.

While waiting for proven treatments...

Unfortunately, the medical progress promised by this innovative approach is not yet available to everyone and the best way to preserve your vitality remains to implement an effective health routine.

The steps of an effective health routine

To be effective, your vitality routine must above all be adapted to your needs.

Whether it is the schedule, the type of physical exercise or the content of your meals, you must first make sure that they suit you.

For a successful health routine, first look for the answers to these questions:

  • Are you exposed to significant daily emotional stress?
  • Are you carrying a heavy daily mental load?
  • Do you practice physical exercise such as brisk walking for at least 20 minutes a day?
  • Do you frequently experience feelings of sleepiness?
  • Do you eat at least 5 different fresh fruits and vegetables per day?

MyCollagenLift: a quality companion to support an effective vitality routine

While it is clear that a quality health routine is an obvious need when we want to approach the aging process with serenity, it seems less easy to find allies of choice in this initiative.

It is to address this problem that the MyPUREskin teams created MyCollagenLift.

Food supplement containing active ingredients carefully selected for their targeted effects and their ability to work in synergy, MyCollagenLift puts its exclusive formula at the service of your well-being to help you take care of your vitality at any age.

This nutricosmetic rated “exceptional quality product to combat oxidative stress” by the IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants) is in fact based on:

  • Collagen peptides whose bioavailability is chosen to best support you in your production of endogenous collagen;
  • Hyaluronic acid helping to achieve a normal level of hydration for your skin thanks to its ability to carry nearly 1000 times its weight in water;
  • Wheat ceramides (gluten-free) limiting your insensible water loss, thus contributing to this hydration;
  • Organic silicon supporting your body in its daily restructuring of your epidermis and in maintaining the effectiveness of your antioxidant defenses;
  • Vitamins E and C (extracted from acerola fruit) to support you in your battle against oxidative stress;
  • Grape OPCs and zinc also act in this sense.

  1. Study by the team of Doctor David A. Sinclair on biological reprogramming allowing the recovery of epigenetic information characterizing young tissues and leading to the restoration of sight: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ 33268865/