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Organic silicon: how to take advantage of it on a daily basis?

Thanks to its multiple properties, organic silicon is one of the trace elements essential for maintaining good health.

Consumed alongside other active ingredients such as vitamins C and E, this ingredient offers the body benefits that affect your skin as well as your hair or nails.

If nutricosmetics has figured out how to take advantage of the properties of organic silicon through food supplements such as MyCollagenLift, fortunately it remains possible to enrich your intake of this material through an adjusted diet.

The MyPUREskin team reveals some recipes that will help you stock up on organic silicon.

Organic silicon in food

Disseminated in ingredients of your daily life, organic silicon generally appears on your plate without you necessarily realizing it.

Nuts for your moments of relaxation

Advantageously replacing in part the intakes too rich in saturated fats that meat-based dishes offer, nuts are also a good source of organic silicon.

Perfectly suited to moments of relaxation, almonds are particularly appreciated as part of a caloric aperitif which will allow you to then enjoy a more frugal meal.

Snack tips: between deliciousness and nutrition with roasted almonds

A little-known recipe for epicureans looking for “good eating” that is as nutritious as it is exquisite, roasted almonds with herbs are the ideal appetizer for a successful aperitif.

By browning almonds dipped in foamed beaten eggs and enriched with aromatic herbs in the oven, you will indeed obtain crispy and succulent bites which will provide you with an extra dose of organic silicon.

Cereals for your side dishes

But it is above all thanks to barley, oat bran, whole wheat and lentils that you will be able to make up most of your organic silicon intake through balanced accompaniments.

Beauty recipe: barley with tomatoes

By simmering pearl barley and tomato in a broth made from onions and garlic, you will delight your palate and your skin by taking a large bowl of antioxidants (beta carotene and lycopene from tomatoes) and of organic silicon.

Well-thought-out sweets for your desserts

From dates to apples, including bananas, your fresh fruit salad will bring the missing touch to your meal to cover your daily intake of organic silicon.

Fruity pistachio: a verrine that wishes you good

The highlight of a gastronomic spectacle which combines well-being, the verrine of vanilla, red fruits and pistachio will not fail to delight your taste buds but also that of your nails, your hair and your skin.

By crushing natural shelled pistachios to sprinkle a scoop of vanilla ice cream accompanied by fresh red fruits, you will obtain a result whose synergy will awaken your senses and nourish your body to meet your organic silicon needs.

MyCollagenLift: complete nutrition to support aging

If the culinary touch of a gourmet spirit can advantageously address your organic silicon deficiencies, it is clear that we do not all have the luxury of time.

Also, if the most seasoned hands in the art of cooking will appreciate the path that leads to a meal as delicious as it is balanced, another route is available to stressed skin lacking organic silicon: MyCollagenLift.

Designed by the MyPUREskin team, this food supplement takes advantage of the benefits of various active ingredients working in synergy to offer the best nutrition to support aging.

Indeed, MyCollagenLift is the combination of a batch of ingredients of 100% natural origin, including:

  • Very organic marine collagen bio peptides available;
  • Hyaluronic acid to help you achieve a good level of hydration;
  • Wheat oil ceramides to complete this moisture-maintaining effort for your skin;
  • Vitamin C from acerola fruit helping to protect your cells from oxidative stress;
  • Vitamin E also acting as an antioxidant;
  • Organic silicon used to structure your skin while increasing your defenses against the harmful effect of free electrons.

Ready to meet your organic silicon needs in no time?

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