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Eating well: a matter of balance

“Everything is in moderation”: this old maxim often attributed to Cleobulus of Lindos in ancient Greece has survived more than 2,500 years to still be cited today.

But if we consider that there is some wisdom in this sentence, it is mainly because the underlying principle turns out to be true, especially in the field of nutrition.

Far from a diet too rich in fat, salt or sugar, too low in fiber, vitamins or trace elements, the meal for skin that remains healthy as it ages must above all be balanced.

Discover some “detox” tips and recipes to restore the nutritional balance necessary to restore radiance to your skin.

Variety and rationing: the pillars of effective nutrition throughout life

It is through studies such as that carried out by Dongyeop Lee's team ¹ , published in 2015, that we are gradually understanding what research has long suggested: calorie moderation and increasing variety. of nutrients improve the quality and expectancy of life.

Gains in suppleness, firmness and hydration are also among the benefits that your skin gains from better nutrition. This is explained by the key role of nutrients in the aging process, as we explain in this article on epigenetics .

In this context, your intestinal flora is a precious ally that you must take advantage of to improve the health of your skin.

Why and how to take care of your intestinal flora?

The health of your skin depends on that of your intestinal flora. This is why doctors are constantly seeking to take care of them and prevent the onset of certain chronic diseases by providing nutritional advice. This advice ranges from dietary practices to adopt in general to common dish suggestions (vegetable broths for example).

In addition, certain preparations offer your body active ingredients whose beauty benefits are aimed directly at your skin.

Javanese jamu to improve the absorption of your nutrients

A traditional drink emblematic of Javanese culture, jamu is composed of entirely natural ingredients whose individual effects are accompanied by a synergy with tremendous potential.

Existing in different formats and capitalizing on different combinations of active ingredients, this drink can be used as a skin detoxifier, analgesic or even an immune stimulant.

Among the recurring ingredients of jamu, we find:

  • Black pepper;
  • Ginger;
  • Turmeric.

For example, by concocting a drink made from hot milk, fresh ginger and turmeric and a touch of black pepper, you benefit from the following benefits:

  • An increase in the permeability of your intestines (thanks to black pepper), which improves their ability to absorb nutrients;
  • Stimulating your skin's antioxidant defenses and its immune defenses in general (thanks to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger and turmeric);
  • An amplification of these effects (thanks to the synergy of piperine, the active ingredient in black pepper, and curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, which can multiply the stimulating, antioxidant and analgesic effects of the drink up to 10 times).

By helping to provide an easier pathway for the nutrients you consume, preparations like jamu are the ideal allies for diets preceding a rebalancing of your eating habits.

Quinoa and cauliflower with toasted almonds and hazelnuts to stock up on nutrients

However, to provide your skin with the elements necessary for its maintenance by limiting oxidative stress factors, you must go further. The next step is to consume a low-calorie but nutrient-rich dish, such as quinoa and cauliflower with toasted almonds and hazelnuts.

An important source of vitamin C, cauliflower has the advantage of being made up of 85% water, which promotes your rehydration.

In addition, its average content of calcium (22 mg per 100 g), potassium (299 mg per 100 g) and magnesium (15 mg per 100 g) helps prevent the weakening of your bones and your cardiovascular system. .

Also acting in this sense, quinoa is also a gluten-free source of energy, which limits the risk of inflammation of your intestines during digestion, in order to maintain maximum absorption of your nutrients.

Almonds and hazelnuts will finally offer you an excellent source of non-animal proteins, whose amino acids are essential for the production of key molecules in your skin, such as collagen to maintain its firmness or even elastin for its elasticity.

MyCollagenLift: rebalance your diet to age better

While jams, quinoa dishes and other “detox” recipes are an excellent way to take care of your body in general, and your skin in particular, it can be difficult to continually follow nutritional principles that take time and energy.

This is why nutricosmetics provides you with solutions that help keep your skin healthy, like the food supplement designed by MyPUREskin.

If the effectiveness of the support provided by MyCollagenLift is clearly reflected in consumer reviews, it is because it follows nutrition principles recommended by the medical profession.

A food supplement aimed both at nourishing your skin and helping to stimulate its production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, this nutricosmetic also has the advantage of also offering support to your body against free radicals.

Indeed, MyCollagenLift is a synergy of ingredients whose 100% natural origin and balance in terms of proportions are the guarantees of an exclusive formula whose effects aim to support your skin to maintain normal functioning. This formula is based on:

  • Collagen peptides whose bioavailability is significantly higher than that of hydrolyzed collagen;
  • Hyaluronic acid, to help your skin maintain a normal level of hydration over the long term thanks to its ability to carry nearly 1000 times its mass in water;
  • Wheat ceramides (gluten-free) helping to protect your body from insensitive water loss;
  • Organic silicon, antioxidant and skin restructuring;
  • Vitamin C extracted from acerola, helping to neutralize mismatched electrons;
  • Vitamin E, playing a similar role;
  • Grape OPCs, polyphenols also helping your cells to protect themselves from the harmful effects of free electrons;
  • Zinc, a trace element which is also part of this effort.

Want to rebalance your diet? Need to take care of your skin? Why not take advantage of the support of MyCollagenLift to guarantee progressive results from the first 4 weeks? Start your treatment now to help rebalance your diet and regain skin in good condition over the months.

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